The Home Renewable Energy Business Is Booming

wind energyHome renewable energy systems provide a simple way to cut long-term fuel costs, which is vitally important during the years of austerity. Analysts believe that many pension schemes are likely to suffer in the next few years, so pensioners need to seek ways to cut costs.

Renewable energy systems such as biomass boilers are becoming more popular in commercial and domestic settings as traditional fossil fuels such as oil and gas become more expensive. The appeal of using a renewable source such as wood for fuel is easy to understand – along with the cost, there’s an environmental benefit too – but safety standards are just as stringent as when using the more combustible fossil fuels.

If you are installing renewable energy, a proper assessment should take place. A competent and qualified professional should be sought to assess your location and supply and install your new renewable energy system. They’ll be able to tell straight away what other provisions – such as upgrading or adapting your chimney – might be required.

Safety procedures

Fuel – wood-based fuel such as pellets are a potential fire risk when stored prior to burning, so secure storage is very important.

Some type of outbuilding that’s capable of keeping the fuel dry so it’ll burn effectively in the boiler would be the best option, but if within the confines of the property then the store should be sited well away from any naked flames.

Wet fuel, along with burning less effectively, can cause a safety risk and mechanical failures through fermentation; this can also cause build ups of hazardous gasses such as carbon dioxide (CO2) and carbon monoxide (CO).

Ventilation – it’s at least as important that an effective chimney or flue is used for biomass systems as it is for fossil-fuelled types. Explosive gassy mixtures can build up, and dangerous CO gas can pose a hazard in the absence of an efficient chimney or flue arrangement.

CO monitor – ensure one is fitted in the vicinity of the burner or boiler. This is a requirement of Building Regulations AD J 2010.

Renewable energy is set to be big business of the next few years as people look for ways to decrease costs during retirement.